The other day a friend of mine told me that the organization she works for requires her to go back and work from the office. This is despite the fact that the amount and quality of work she and her teammates performed during the COVID-19 period increased significantly.
This story got me thinking about whether organizations are making decisions that conflict with their best interests and if so what brings them to it?

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Of course, the mere testimony of an employee who has become more effective under certain conditions does not indicate that the entire organization would have been more…

Hacker attacks on computer systems are old news. In recent decades, we have seen major attacks on giant companies leading to rather grim outcomes.

However, those were mostly casual attacks driven mainly by financial or psychological motives.

Lately, we see a new type of attacks — planned and coordinated as part of an organized war plan that aims to inflict widespread and significant damage to the computer systems of a given country. These are no longer sporadic attacks but rather ongoing, systematic, and sophisticated activities where targets are chosen based on their nationality.

The age of cyberwarfare has just begun.

Low code development platforms (LCDP) continue to evolve rapidly. We conducted extensive research inspecting the leading platforms — SalesForce Apps, Monday, AirTable, Power Apps (MS), cloud products such as AWS Step Functions and Azure Logic Apps and others.
Here is the bottom line — there is no clear lead (yet!).
Each one has its unique edge which makes it perfect for a thin slice of use cases. Actually, on most use cases it turns out you’ll need some kind of combination of low code foundations.

An example? If you’d like to migrate the information systems of an SMB office (CRM…

The new guy in town

Just a few years ago IT was on the rise. When technology became so fundamental and even critical to operate the enterprise, the IT department was instrumental for the organization to cut costs and drive productivity up. A decade later, this is still the situation however there’s a new player in the arena. It is called “Digital”, and it is here to stay.

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Which gap?

I remember in the early days of our firm how organizations perceived their digital presence. A given corporate would hold a single digital experience. Actually, there was no “Digital”, it was merely called “our website”.
Although anyone…

Udi Golan

Born developer, raised manager, 360 IT professional, Business Development @Dofinity

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